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We have for you an interesting add of Glenn Spicker, very inspirative gentleman who gave to Prague a lot….He is looking now for a partner, person who loves music and clubs….read more and come back to us! Your Dream Job


My name is Glenn Spicker and I’ve lived in Prague for what seems like 2 lifetimes. I had been studying and enjoying European life when the wall came down and I discovered Prague. 1991 was my first trip here and the rest is history. My first project was Red Hot and Blues which was in business a long time but I sold my shares to my partner and opened U Maleho Glena, the longest running foreign owned Bar/restaurant in post Revolutionary history. I love Jazz so this was a chance to go out on my own and that consumed a hard few years of my life until I finally got back to my main idea for Biz here which was an American Bagel shop. So after U Maleho was up and running I wound up opening up to Bohemia Bagels but after all is said and done there are none left. But I never sat still and during that long slow decline for Bagel I opened The Museum Of Communism, Burrito Loco, Agave fine dining Mexican restaurant, and a few other places which I’ve either sold or are no longer runn
U Maleho Glena - Prague, Czech Republic - Blues Legends on Waymarking.comRecently I took over the old Jo’s bar space and my vision is to revive the bar and food scene in Mala Strana with our sister bar U Maleho Glena and make the neighborhood less for tourists only but a place where Czechs and Expats can come back since in the old days Mala Strana had a thriving night scene. There is still Blue Light and Nappa and some cool places but no serious club with an entry fee and we have 2 levels under OGs ( ex Jo’s bar from 1992) so I would like to partner or sub lease this space and make it a cool DJ and live music Venue. Essentially I’m open minded and think the club can have a fairly eclectic program but definitely not a Jazz Club …something more like a cocktail lounge and then the minus 2 level for bands and Djs and dancing. There are a lot of good hotels here with guests who have a lot of money and want to go out .So not something for super young kids but something comfortable for 20s on up to 40 years of age.
Jo's Bar & Restaurant: Americká klasika na Malé straně - PragMoon
If someone would like to partner or sub lease the club I am willing to meet and discuss further. I have sublease rights and am building the club out on my expense as we speak. Having so many activities already I don’t really want to book the acts/bands/Djs and do the marketing although of course I would help with that. I can however run the staff, financials, inventory etc etc. Its a question but I think I need someone active and involved who wants to own or run their own club. I want to concentrate on our restaurant OGs upstairs with great food and drink….


Thanks for you time to read this.
I can be found at Originalglennsbar@gmail.com
Glenn Spicker

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