Recruitment of employees in Hospitality
Recruitment in tourism is our biggest strength. Our specialization and long-term experience in tourism is a top service guarantee and prepares our candidates for an exceptional orientation in HR, Hospitality, and Gastronomy. We are not limited by this industry; we like challenges and find no aspect of this work to be an obstacle for us. The profiles of our candidates are completely processed and vetted prior to being presented to our clients.

Organization of the recruitment process
Do you hesitate when finding the most suitable candidate for your company? Are you creating a new job? If you are choosing key employees for your company, we can create a recruitment process for you or suggest its design. We will help you to choose new people who will be competent in their positions, and who will be motivated and share your company’s values. We can also help you to create competency models for each position, as well as organize an assessment centre.

Consultation with tourism specialists
Our consultants are experienced in tourism. They are hiring candidates for positions they know very well.

Salary Overview
We can create salary overviews within the whole Czech Republic.

Direct search
We will find the most suitable candidates on the market and contact them directly.

Mystery shopping
Our clients can use this marketing method of research.

The internship is an ideal choice for talented students or graduates who could evolve in your company. We cooperate with universities where we can help you to find interns.

VIP services
We offer recruitment of employees for private households and VIP clients (nanny, gardener, driver, butler, etc.) as well. You can find our top families in our references.

We offer help for laid-off employees, including guidance and direction in their professional career.

Personal counselling
Are you aware of the need to respond to increasing competition and a fast-changing business environment? Do you know why your company is failing to set up a culture of high performance? We will help you to identify and utilize processes that will lead to quick business benefits, as we also help you to create your company’s long-term values. We will help you to change your corporate culture.

Comprehensive coaching
We offer consultation with our professional coach.
Comprehensive coaching is our holistic approach to the functioning of an individual in the professional, familial, personal and social world. It also includes psychosomatics and work with the body. This service is provided by a professional psychotherapist and coach.

Employee development
Do your employees need to improve their skills or develop new ones? Do you ask yourself, “How can we keep our key employees and build on their potential“?
We design and implement development programs and trainings which are in line with the company‘s strategic objectives and goals of the employees. Amongst many methods, we utilize development centres, 360° feedback, trainings, coaching etc.

Building a winning team – Racket Model
How do you build a great team that delivers results and where everyone feels comfortable? How do you keep up the motivation, drive and winner mentality of the team?
Atmosphere and performance of a team are one of the basic success factors of every company. We offer you our unique business model,  which helps us to understand both the individuals and their managers’ team dynamics. We suggest steps for improvement which will, eventually, help you achieve the level of perfection you’ve been dreaming of. Authors of this model are the leading experts in teamwork and leadership, Dr. Gordon Curphy and Dr. Robert Hogan. Especially now, marketplace competition is getting stronger and companies need to utilize every possibility to raise the level of their services. A perfectly functioning working team will not only complete their assignments but will also innovate.

Do you want to know more about yourself? Would you like to objectively evaluate your skills? We offer comprehensive psychological testing that is provided by a certified psychologist.

Burnout syndrome prevention
Are you under high pressure? Do you need to reduce the stress perception in your company? Our experienced psychologist and coach will help you to find a solution.

Hotel and Resort Asset Management
We offer comprehensive services related to hotel and resort operations, process optimization, relationship management between the owner and the operator, consulting services related to the transaction processes (sales or purchase, refinancing, fusion etc.),  and much more. Are you considering selling or renting your hotel or restaurant?  Don´t hesitate to contact us, we can connect you with the right people.

Optimal solutions for Hotel Management
We offer optimal solutions for hotel management.  From securing the operator, branding, marketing presentation, e-commerce, revenue, structure settings, and relationship management between the owner and the operator or the property supervisor, as well as structure settings of repair and investment, controlling, and many other aspects related to hotel or restaurant management. We provide full comprehensive services for setting up all parts of hotel operations (sales channel, booking engine optimization, marketing, e-commerce, revenue, campaigns, distribution, and more).

Specialized services in hotel investment
By putting an efficient hotel operations management in place, we ensure hotel owners and investors are consistently aware of the value growth of their property or investments. This is how we contribute to long-term profits maximization.

Real estate/Investments/Hospitality
Would you like to develop your company, and are you looking for a suitable investment opportunity in tourism? Do you need help with selling your hotel…? Our team could also be helpful with your situation! Not as a broker, but as your own agent in establishing cooperation with specialized partners to find solutions to your plans.

The world of hospitality is a market in which we frequently try to learn about standards that are developing. Additionally, we prefer to have satisfaction on both sides (clients and employees) and also to contact the right professionals at the right time. We could play an independent part in the role of mediator at your business meeting.