Professional services for those looking for a job in tourism or hospitality
Our specialization and long-term experience in this area is a guarantee for top service and an exceptional orientation in the field of HR in Hospitality, and Gastronomy.

The most interesting vacancy overview in Hospitality and Gastronomy
We cooperate with leaders in tourism, therefore we are able to guarantee an overview of the most interesting and currently available vacancies.

Individual approach and understanding of individuals´ needs
We guarantee an individual approach to every candidate and a clear understanding of her/his current situation, thereby helping her/him to procure the job of their dreams.

Consultation with tourism specialists
We offer to our candidates the possibility of consultation and overall preparation to ensure a successful recruitment process.
Our consultants are experienced in tourism. They are hiring candidates for positions they know very well.

Individual preparation for interviews for a client
We fully prepare our candidates for final interviews with clients; (CV layout, professional manners, answering all questions etc.)

Comprehensive coaching
We offer a consultation with our professional coach. Comprehensive coaching is our holistic approach to the functioning of an individual in the professional, familial, personal and social world. It also includes psychosomatics and works with the body. Our coach will help you in your personal and professional development.
This service is provided by a professional psychotherapist and coach.

Would you like to know more about yourself? Would you like to objectively judge your skills? We offer counselling in your choice of profession, as well as a comprehensive psychological examination. These diagnostics are provided by an experienced psychologist certified in clinical psychology.

Do you find yourself in a complicated life situation? Do you not know how to go on? Are you looking for someone who would help you to solve your worries, fears or troubles?
We offer individual psychotherapy, partner- and family- therapy, crisis intervention, and counselling for difficult life situations. This service is provided by a professional psychotherapist and coach.

Burnout syndrome prevention
Are you under high pressure? Do you need to slow down at work and “restart yourself“? We have a solution for you. Our experienced coach/psychologist will help lead you through this difficult period of your life, so you can enjoy it again.

We offer internships for talented and motivated students or graduates, either in the Czech Republic or in Europe.